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Tue Jun 4, 2019

If your current project requires any of the following, we’ll probably be able to save you time and money:

• 300 mm or greater aggregate base course
• Over-excavation and replacement of poor subgrade
• Construction platform over soft soils
• Heavy duty pavements

Terrafix Geogrids are a cost-effective alternative to the above
construction methods, and can provide significant benefits to you,

• Improve/Extend the lifecycle of your project
• Achieve better structural performance using less granular materials
• Save time
• Reduce installation and maintenance costs
• Address site limitations

To Enter, email info@terrafixgeo.com to have Terrafix Geosynthetics prepare and submit VE alternate design proposal on a current or upcoming project.

Each project submitted will be entered for a chance to WIN a Chartered
Salmon Fishing Trip for 4 on Lake Ontario. Contest Closes July 29, 2019.