Rolled Goods

terrafix® is one of the most experienced companies in the Geosynthetic industry. Our construction service starts with a knowledgeable group that is able to accomplish any size project and ends with a quality installation.

terrafix® has installed a wide variety of Geosynthetics including HDPE, LLDPE, Hypalon, polypropyelene and PVC geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets, geocomposites, geosyntehtic clay liners, geogrids and polyethylene pipe throughout North America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Central & South America, Eastern Europe and as far north as the Arctic Circle.

Since 1989, terrafix® has successfully installed more than 30,000,000 square feet of geomembranes across North America. Terrafix also specializes in the installation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners and has installed more than 10,000,000 square feet in North America.

We offer the following installation services:
  • Supply & installation of Geomembrane systems
  • Fusion welding of PE pipe
  • Supply and installation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners
  • Supply and installation of geotextiles, geonets, geocomposites, geogrids, as well as other geosynthetics.
Some of the more common applications requiring our services include:
  • Landfill lining systems
  • Landfill capping systems
  • Secondary containment liners
  • Pond/Reservoir liners
  • Tank lining systems
  • Sewage lagoon liners
  • Mining waste containment
  • Canal liners
  • Sealing barriers in earth dams
  • Brownfield sites


Specialty Applications

  • Design, Supply and Installation of Gas Vapor Barriers venting systems for containment and safe venting of VOC’s, Methane, Radon and other unwanted soil vapors for both buildings and brownfield sites.
  • Environmental grade waterproofing systems for infrastructure assets in areas of environmental concern and/or contamination
  • Decorative and industrial ponds
  • Secondary Containment Systems for Solvents and other hydrocarbons as well as concentrated waste streams such as concentrated organic leachate and animal wastes
  • Canal/Reservoir Liners (NSF/ANSI 61 approved)
  • Concrete coatings and embedment liners for prevention of corrosion from Sulphide gases and organic materials

Terrafix Specialty Applications are you’re “go-to” contractor for customized geosynthetic solutions. We put your project needs first and only recommend the most innovative and reliable systems in the industry custom fit to your needs. The thoroughness and success of projects are an enviable record. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and our name is synonymous with quality and integrity.