North America’s Leader of Complete Geosynthetic Solutions

Since its inception in 1973, terrafix® products and solutions have been extensively used by public and private industries around the world. From engineering to construction, our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing the most advanced engineered solutions to our client’s challenges. terrafix® professional staff of engineers, field technicians, project managers and sales specialists are available to assist clients in maximizing the benefits that our geosynthetic products and systems make possible. We provide you – the engineer, contractor, and owner with engineering solutions to your problems.

terrafix® Geosynthetics Inc. is a leading distributor and manufacturer of geosynthetic products. When terrafix® was established in 1973 its primary focus was geotextiles. As the technology advanced, we soon realized the demand for good quality geogrids and added grids to our products & services. About 20 years ago when environmental regulations were strengthened, we extended our business in erosion control products and services.

In the 1990’s we identified a growing need from our clients, for high quality technically sound stormwater management solutions. To service this need we developed a portfolio of services and products. As a part of this portfolio, we have been promoting storm chambers, HDPE piping systems, erosion control blankets, silt fence and Bentofix GCLs.

Specialists and Engineers. At terrafix® we understand your project needs and offer you the solution that includes a quality product, design assistance, site supervision and technical support. We understand that solving environmental problems is a serious business and at terrafix® we take our business seriously. terrafix® environmental technology inc. is a Corporation specializing in the installation of engineered Geosynthetics barrier systems. Established in 1989, terrafix®, has quickly become one of North Americas’ premier installation companies. Since incorporation we have exceeded our goal to deliver quality products with excellent workmanship at competitive prices. Our experienced field crews work closely with our engineering and project management groups to ensure every project is completed on time, within budget and to exacting specifications. Our employees are trained in all aspects of Geosynthetics installation and have extensive installation references. Our experienced, trained personnel have installed Geosynthetics systems all over the world in places such as New Zealand, Central America and the Caribbean islands.