Terrafix Environmental is a corporation specializing in the installation of engineered Geosynthetics.

At Terrafix, our people make the difference and our experienced staff works closely with clients to ensure every project is completed on time, within budget and to exacting specifications. Our field technicians are trained in all aspects of Geosynthetic installation and have extensive installation references. Our personnel have installed Geosynthetic systems all over North America and across the globe.

Examples of our Services include:

  • High Density Polyethlyne, PVC, EVOH and others.
  • Pipe fabrication, including HDPE, PVC and lined concrete for pipes and manholes
  • Supply and Installation of geosynthetic clay liners, geotextiles, geonets, geocomposites, geogrids and others. Supply & installation of Seamless spray-applied membranes and specialized industrial coatings for containment, including the Liquid Boot® system by Cetco Remediation.
  • Environmental-grade waterproof barrier systems
  • Vapor Barrier & Sub-Slab Venting System: Design & Installation