Coir Mats and Logs

Coir Mats and Logs

terrafix® Coir Mats and Coir Logs are made of pure coconut husk fiber-100% natural, organic, biodegradable and safe to wildlife. Coir Mats are more flexible than matting made from bristle coir fiber. This characteristic allows Coir Mats to interface with the soil surface.

Coir fiber is durable and strong, with the right properties for being spun and woven into the right strength mat.

Coir Mats and Logs are used for slope and channel stabilization, stream and river bank stabilization, wetland construction, dams, detention ponds, highway and rail embankments, mining operations and landfills, ski slopes and ski lift tracks, pipelines, high altitude planting reservoirs and construction sites.

Features of Coir Mats and Logs:

  • Coir Mat erosion control mattings are made from coir fiber which is 100% natural, organic, biodegradable and safe to wildlife
  • Available in rolls up to 4 meter (13.1 ft) wide without stitched seams
  • More flexible than mattings made from bristle coir fiber. This characteristic allows Coir Mat to interface with the soil surface
  • High tensile strength and durability makes it suitable for the most severe erosion control problems
  • Easy to install
  • Three to six years longevity to allow for full vegetation establishment
  • Absorbs water and acts as a mulch on the surface as well as a wick in the soil mantle. This creates an ideal micro-climate for the germination of seeds
  • Open mesh construction provides an excellent opportunity for the growth of vegetation
  • Adds fertility to the soil after biodegradation
  • Accelerates the development of aquatic and riparian habitat
  • Accepts hydraulically applied products
  • Traps sediments and encourages deposition
  • Environmentally and aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides effective erosion control of steep slopes and high velocity flow channels
  • Provides economic and environmentally sound stabilization of stream banks & shorelines
  • Ideal for most landscaping and bioengineering applications
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