Preassembled Sediment Control Structure

Terrafence is specifically designed to control soil migration from construction sites, therefore, preventing contamination of adjacent sites such as streams, parking lots, streets and other sensitive areas.

Terrafence is a preassembled sediment control structure designed with environmental concerns in mind.

Terrafence fabric is made of woven polypropylene fibres which have been treated to resist degradation caused by exposure to sunlight.

Terrafence fabric is a high strength geotextile that does not require additional reinforcing nets or other support systems. The light duty fence is preassembled with 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 48″ oakwood posts which are securely attached to the fabric using industrial staples. The posts are tapered at the base.

Terrafence heavy duty fabric is reinforced with polypropylene mesh for additional strength. Hardwood posts are attached to the fabric using heavy duty industrial staples. The posts are tapered at the base to facilitate ground penetration.

A six inch flap is provided at the base of the fabric to allow for proper anchorage of the Terrafence.

Each roll is delivered in a package approximately 10 inches in diameter. When unrolled, Terrafence is 3’ high and covers 100 linear feet.

Technical Information

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