Flexamat® is a tied concrete block mat used to control erosion in swales, ditches, slopes, shoreline protection, or any area where soil sediment can be moved by water runoff.

Flexamat® consists of concrete blocks that are tied together with high strength geogrid. This product results in the geogrid and the concrete becoming a high strength flexible hard armor against erosion. Flexamat enables vegetation to become established while remaining a permanent erosion control solution. Eventually, vegetation will cover the entire mat.

Flexamat® comes in rolls and is available in widths of 5.5′, 8′, 10′, and 16′. These rolls are available in various lengths. The roll design makes installation very efficient. The application area should be graded so that the Flexamat has direct contact with the subgrade. It should also be seeded prior to the Flexamat installation. A smooth bucket on the excavator is used to unroll the mat into place.

Features & Benefits of Flexamat®:

• Easy & Efficient Installation
• Multiple Uses: erosion prevention, roadside, drainage, landfills, etc.
• Produced Onsite, reducing costs – typically cheaper than rock
• Environmentally friendly
• Allows vegetation growth
• Capable of handling high flow water runoff
• Easy maintenance, mow right over Flexamat!
• Cleanses the water sediments and water runs clear


Model Specifications

Case Studies

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