GCCM – Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats

GCCM – Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats

The Only GCCM range with Anti-Cracking Enhancement. 80 MPa / 11,000 psi+ compressive strength. 16.1 MPa/2235 psi Flexural strength. Up to 5m (16’4”) wide rolls available !

Impermeable, fiber reinforced, geosynthetic composite concrete cloth solution for ground structure reinforcement, erosion control and protection of geomembranes.

Replaces rip rap, shotcrete, concrete, bitumen geomembrane, grout blankets for a more sustainable and cost-effective erosion control solution.

Terrafix can either supply you a GCCM for your project and/or provide you with an installation crew to deploy your GCCM project.

Contact us to find out more (create a click here to info@terrafixgeo.com).

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