Silt Sock

Silt Sock

Silt Sock is a sediment-trapping device which uses filter media materials applied with a pneumatic blower device or equivalent. Silt Sock trap sediment by filtering the water passing through the Silt Sock™ also allowing water to pond, creating a settling of solids behind Silt Sock.

Silt Sock is used in any area requiring sediment control to keep runoff in the form of sheet flow. The use of Silt Sock applies to areas of high sheet erosion, on steep slopes up to and exceeding a 2:1 slope, and in other disturbed areas of construction sites requiring sediment control. Silt Sock may also be used in sensitive environmental areas, where migration of aquatic life is impeded by the use of other sediment controls. Filter media used in Silt Sock also have the ability to bind various contaminants contained in runoff.

Design Consideration

The sedimentation removal process associated with Silt Sock involves both filtering and deposition from settling. This is different than other methods using only ponding for deposition of sediment. Ponding occurs when water flowing to the Silt Sock accumulates faster than it can flow through the Silt Sock. However, installation technique is important for them to work effectively.


  • Meets “Greater Golden Horseshoe Area Conservation Authorities” specifications for erosion and sediment control
  • 100% Soil Contact
  • Increases Stormwater Filtration
  • Reduces Runoff
  • Control of runoff velocity on slopes and within drainage channels
  • Sustained vegetation health
  • Allows for trapping and settling of suspended solids without major excavation, land disturbance, or pond construction
  • Easily customized to fit most types of watersheds/drainage areas
  • Installation of sediment traps requires no trenching, therefore soil is not disturbed upon installation or removal
  • NO trenching, NO soil disturbance
  • Easy removal and little disposal costs
  • Can directly replace silt fence, straw bales, straw wattles, coir logs and rock check dams

Case Studies

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