SILTSACK® is a simple and cost-effective solution to prevent clogging of catch basins. SILTSACK® is a sediment control device used to prevent silt and sediment from entering your drainage system.

SILTSACK® traps the silt / sediment but allows water to pass into the sewer. SILTSACK® can be used as a primary or secondary sediment control device to prevent failure of drainage system due to clogging with silt / sedimentation. Maintenance of the SILTSACK® on a regular basis will ensure that the SILTSACK® will function properly.

Available in:

  • High flow

Basic Installation Instructions:

  • Remove drain gate
  • Insert SILTSACK®
  • Replace grate to hold SILTSACK® in position
  • SILTSACK® traps silt & sediment
  • Saves money and time

Technical Information

Case Studies

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