Terraweb® is a light-weight, flexible, polyethylene confinement system consisting of three-dimensional cells in a honeycomb-like structure. Terraweb® creates an economical erosion barrier or structural foundation.

Applications include:

Ground stabilization for temporary/ permanent roads
® is effective in distributing applied loads over a large surface. It significantly reduces pressure applied to the subgrade by loads exerted on the top surface of the cells. Because the cell walls resist lateral movement, Terraweb® can transform poor quality infills into stable load bearing surfaces.

Erosion Control for Slopes
Using vegetated soils, Terraweb® improves the performance of slopes by protecting and reinforcing the roots zones and directing hydraulic flows over the top of the cells. For slopes with granular fill,Terraweb® improves the performance by controlling the migration of fills. This is accomplished by dissipating hydraulic energy in and underneath the cells and by confining the fill material within the cells.

Erosion Control for Channels
Whether using soil with vegetation, aggregate, or concrete as infill within the cells, Terraweb® offers an effective method of erosion protection either during intermittent or continuous flows. The cells act as a series of check dams, thereby dissipating energy of high flowing water.

Pipeline Beds
Terraweb® installs easily, eliminating over excavation or excessive stone placement.

Model Specifications

Case Studies

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