Terra Drain

Terradrain® 620 has a thin, high-strength plastic sheet added to the flat side of the core to provide extra protection when applied over softer waterproofing materials. The plastic film prevents intrusion of the soft membrane into the back side of the core dimples.

Terradrain® 620 is installed much the same way as Terradrain® 200 and 600. If Terradrain® 620 is being applied over a soft waterproofing membrane it is important to hold it in place using a method or device that will not puncture the membrane.

Terradrain prefabricated drainage systems consists of a polymer core with a geotextile laminated on one side. The geotextile allows water or gases to pass into the drainage core while restricting the movement of soil particles, which might clog the core. The core provides a void to allow the liquid or gas to flow to designated outlets. Terradrain provides a cost-effective alternative to aggregate drains and a solution to many drainage and vapour problems.

Terradrain® 900

Terradrain® 900 is a lightweight drainage system designed for horizontal drainage of parking decks,plaza decks,balconies and under slab applications. In comparison to conventional aggregate drains, roof loading is dramatically reduced. When used beneath planted areas the thin profile allows maximum topsoil depth for proper root growth. Terradrain® 900 is produced in rolls 1.22m x 15.24m for easy, full coverage of horizontal applications requiring high core compressive strength and high geotextile tensile strength.

Strip Drain

Terradrain® strip drain is a prefabricated, high-flow drainage system that offers better drawdown of water than pipe while costing around 60% less to install. Terradrain® strip drain consists of a formed polymeric core surrounded by a geotextile filter fabric. This multichannel structure provides significantly increased water flow. The tough filter fabric covering prevents core clogging while allowing water entry through every inch of its surface. The core allows water to flow to designated drain exits.

Terradrain® Strip Drain Sizes

Thickness: 1″
Width: 6″ to 36″
Length: 100′

With a crush strength of 9,000 (kN/m2), Terradrain® core easily withstands the pressures of backfilling and compaction during installation with no loss of flow area.

Case Studies

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