TriAx Geogrid

Pavement Optimization

Adding to our expertise, Terrafix is now able to assist with detailed Paved Road designs.

Both initial and life cycle costs can be significantly reduced even for high traffic volumes and critical use paved structures.

Pavement engineers, contractors, municipalities, DOT’s and owners continuously pressed to stretch capital and maintenance budgets further while still delivering safe, reliable and long lasting paved structures. With the aid of the newly updated SpectraPave4 Pro Roadway Improvement design tool this is achievable.

Backed by extensive testing, and laboratory research our team of Engineers are able to assist with design solutions that are:

Extremely economically attractive
Able to provide significantly longer service life.
Designed using current best practice AASHTO design methods

Free Software:

SpectraPave 4 software allows the user to accurately predict the performance of geogrid stabilized and unstabilized paved structures. The software offers cost analysis tools to evaluate design options for paved roads and other paved structures.

Case Studies

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