Golf Course Solutions

Golf Course Solutions

A golf course requires attentive and competent management. Without that, a course will progressively deteriorate. Proper planning and use of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) during course construction and maintenance will reduce the chance of adverse environmental impacts within the course and ongoing maintenance costs.

Terrafix offers a variety of cost-effective and aesthetic solutions to assist course architects and superintendents in the design and maintenance of their golf courses.

Bentofix Thermal Lock Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are effective as a hydraulic barrier even under high gradient conditions. Ideal for lining golf course ponds.

TerraBunker is a soil separator which limits the migration of fines from the subgrade subsoils and prevents them from rising to the base base of the bunker, thereby avoiding the contamination of the bunker.

TerraFirm HD includes cutting edge systems for erosion control, shoreline restoration, and slope stabilization throughout the course.

Grass Paver & Gravel Paver are permeable pavement solutions that performs the functions of asphalt or concrete pavement but with the aesthetics of a lawn or decorative gravel surface.

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