Envirodrain® is a preventive oil-stop system, designed to avoid the huge costs associated with transformer and coolant oil environmental cleanup. Envirodrain® is installed at a fraction of the cost of mechanical pump separator systems, with greatly reduced maintenance costs.


  • Polyethylene leak-tight construction for long life.
  • Oil-water separator.
  • Low placement of filter ensures high driving head.
  • Site-specific custom-built sump with custom inlets.
  • Custom covers, OSHA ladders (if required) and other appurtenances.


  • 50 years minimum service life for system, long filter life*.
  • Easy to install filter units.
  • 100% removal of target hydrocarbons.
  • Low maintenance, non-mechanical.
  • High base flow capacity for storm events.
  • Easy to fit within existing site grades.
  • Safe, reliable system.

How It Works

When small oil spills hit the system, an oil-water separator keeps the oil away from the filter, where it can be collected by disposable oil absorbent materials – maintaining the high flow rates. When larger spills hit the system, the filter blocks the oil completely, allowing the spill to be contained and remediated. An appropriate float alarm system can be incorporated to alert staff to spill.
*Filter life depends on spill frequency and concentration.

Oil Spill Prevention

  • Provides storm water drainage from bermed or drainage areas.
  • Prevents the escape of hydrocarbon pollutants.
  • Removes hydrocarbon pollutants and small oil spills while maintaining drainage.
  • With oil separator, filter life is extended – only the largest spills will reach the filter.

Case Studies

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