Hydrochain™ Stormwater Management System

Hydrochain™ Stormwater Management System

Stormwater from urban runoff is one of the leading causes of pollution in creeks, rivers and lakes. Conventional stormwater retention/ detention systems, such as ponds and concrete structures, are historically accepted methods of controlling stormwater quantity and quality. While these methods are effective treatments to non-point resource discharge, they occupy valuable commercial land and act as open liabilities. Terrafix® offers an innovative approach to stormwater challenges. Our offerings include complete solutions to stormwater problems, including our Hydrochain™ Subsurface Stormwater Management System.

Hydrochain™ Subsurface Stormwater Management System Consists Of:

Hydrochain™ S-29 Chambers with end caps
19mm – 50mm clear, angular stone (by others)

Non-woven geotextile (360R)
Sediment Floor

Hydrochain™ S-29 Chambers with end caps (header & distribution rows)
Distributor pipes
Catchbasin (by others)
Inflow/outflow pipes

Using an earth-friendly soy resin-based polymer, Hydrochain produces chambers that are significantly lighter, substantially larger and much stronger than conventional chambers. The chambers are lightweight, making the strength-to-weight ratio unrivaled. Due to its larger capacity, Hydrochain chambers are becoming the professionals’ choice for a comprehensive stormwater management solution. In addition, since Hydrochain chambers are so light, they ship very efficiently and are installed much quicker than heavier types of chambers.

Benefits of Hydrochain™ chambers include:

Chambers weigh only 14.5kg

Chamber storage is equivalent to 48” diameter pipe

Tested to the latest AASHTO LFRD Bridge Design Spec1
Test validated chambers to withstand a rear axle load of 48,000 lbs

Made of eco-friendly soy resin

Lower shipping costs
Fewer labour man-hours per cubic metre

Easier to Install:
One-person installation
Engineered connection allows easy placement of chamber sections

Design Calculator: http://www.tritonsws.com/calculator

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